Why Frequent Business Travel is So Bad For You?

You may be stuck in your office wondering how you ended up in this boring office doing tax audits all day while your friends works his awesome job where he gets to travel the world and constantly rubs it in your face. Well I have some news for you that may put all that envy to the side and show you all the health effects that you’re “avoiding” by  living a stable life stuck in one place every Monday through Friday


Scientists understand that specific genes can influence how fast a person ages… and it also appears that the more someone travels, the faster they age. Frequent flying can lead to chronic jet lag, which can cause memory impairment and has been linked in studies to disrupting gene expression that influences aging and the immune system, and increased risk of heart attack or stroke


If aging faster than everyone else wasn’t enough to get rid of that envy of your friends’ time traveling the world then consider this. The radiation exposure is HUNDREDS of times higher at higher altitudes than at sea level and because of these frequent flyers are subject to an amount of radiation that is actually considered unhealthy and will actually cause some sort of long standing medical issue in their life. Sheesh, that’s a tough one to swallow just for those pictures from various airports around the world that your friend always posts on instagram.


Because they are constantly on planes and constantly breathing the same recycled air as everyone else on the plane they are exposed to much more germs than most people are on the ground. Not only does this make their immune system work harder to fight off the excess germs but because they are in a constant state of jet lag their immune system is weaker in general from not having a normal and cyclic sleep schedule, which all in all leads to a bad concoction for the health of your friend.  They may not get sicker than you just because they take a couple trips. But if they are constantly taking trips for work they should noticeably be sick more than you are.


The disruption of the circadian rhythm from jet lag affects mood, judgment, and concentration for up to six days. The cumulative effect of the stress from preparing for a trip and the jet lag from those trips can lead to “travel disorientation.”

While those instagram likes and being the envy of your peers sure does sound nice im not sure the frequent flyer or road warrior lifestyle is for me. Hopefully this article has informed you of the health risks involved with constantly taking fights whether they are work related or not. Be safe out there and be sure to keep in contact with a medical professional if you are actually required to fly constantly for your job.

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Can You Track Someones Car Legally

GPS monitoring is an inexpensive and easy solution to track strength, car or a person. With minimum exertion, it is possible to understand where someone is, where they are, the way quick they are touring, and where they are heading. Global Positioning System is companies seeking to enhance their fleet of automobiles or an excellent choice for parents worried about their kids getting to school safely. It is vital that you look at the legitimacy of your option when you start monitoring.

For beginners, it is completely legal to make use of a Global Positioning System monitoring device on an asset or any automobile you have. However, before a GPS monitoring device is used by you on the individual, car, or home of someone else’s, you ought to do just a little analysis on current national, state, and local regulations. Laws are constantly being re-addressed as instances that are fresh are appearing in the world that is legal. Therefore it’s significant to keep up to date on those modifications.

Currently, here is what private people should learn about the regulation as well as GPS monitoring:

It is authorized to make use of a GPS monitoring device if:
Your company or you own advantage or the car to be monitored

The advantage which may be obtained without your permission is owned by you

Your kids (under18) are the emphasis of the tracking (You can compare car tracking reviews at cargpstrackingdevice.com)

You happen to be monitoring case of a default on loan for an automobile or advantage for the function of authorized foreclosure

It is prohibited to make use of A – GPS monitoring device if:
You would not have the lawful correct to monitor it and are not who owns the automobile

You happen to be trying to monitor girlfriend or a boyfriend inside their automobile

Court Cases That Have Changed GPS Laws
Court cases and courtroom instances handling the lawful and honest uses of the unit to track the moves of the others have increased considering that the intro of GPS trackers to industry. A few of these instances have resolved the legitimacy of police utilizing they to monitor personal people, although some have already been involved with civilians using them to monitor workers, they’re substantial the others, kids, among the others. The conversation relating to this issue stays on-going as programs and engineering improvements for raises that are trackers.

In the year 2012, the Supreme Court dominated that police representative, and the authorities will not be allowed to set up GPS devices on the property or an individual of somebody according to feeling unless a guarantee is obtained first, of law-breaking. National legislation hasn’t expressly tackled whether it’s lawful or illegal to get a personal resident to monitor automobile, another individual, or house, but the query has been tackled by some states. By way of example, in California, Texas, Virginia, and Minnesota, can it be authorized to make use of A – GPS system on a car provided that the vehicle’s possessor h-AS supplied approval, while in Wisconsin, by way of example, someone might encounter criminal prices for utilizing a GPS monitor on still another man’s automobile without authorization. It is crucial that you consult with express and neighborhood regulations or talk with the attorney for just about any clarification.

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