Is This the Greatest Car in the World?

Greatest Car

If you have money to spare then you may own a super car or two, there are many collectors around the world who collect the world’s very best cars and simply have to have the very latest Ferrari as soon as it has been designed. You may not be able to buy the most expensive car in the world but you may be able to find a very close second best. Whether you wish to take your Bugatti for a spin around the Monaco Grand Prix circuit or you just want to covet it and keep it safe in your private museum, these cars are prestigious.

Recently hailed as the best car in the world at the World Car of the Year Awards 2008, the Mazda 2 excelled in every category to edge out the Ford Mondeo and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Starting with the exterior the Mazda 2 puts other so-called ‘hot-hatches’ to shame. The sleek and stylish curves make this award winning Mazda youthful and dynamic. This is not surprising seeing as the chief designer was also in charge of the sporty Mazda RX-8. The contours and lines in the body shape suggest that the Mazda 2 is ready for action; the sports version is even better with its 16 inch alloys and stylish body kit.

The interior keeps on form with the sporty theme and smart layout although it has been suggested that the plastic used for the dash could be better. The designers have made sure that there is plenty of space inside the 2 which is another plus with this supermini.

The new Mazda 2 is certainly not the most expensive car in the world, but it boasts being incredibly light and agile which is great for fuel consumption and for lowering your CO2 emissions. Out of all the cars entered into the World Car of the Year awards the Mazda 2 received the highest environment score of them all. This car is a great choice then if you are looking for a new engine that is friendly on the this post here!

The Mazda may be light, but safety has not been compromised. The use of high-tensile steel is the reason behind this and has resulted in the Mazda 2 being awarded a 5-star NCAP rating. The light-weight Mazda also means that it is easy to drive and is great for nipping around the town.

There are lots of different specifications to choose from which allows you to personalize the car to suit your own specific needs. You can choose from the 3-door or the 5-door and prices start at under 9000 GBP which is great, considering you are getting yourself the not the most expensive car in the world but instead, the “best car in the world.” I know which I would prefer.visit full details from

Greatest CarInsurance costs are reasonable too which shows that the Mazda 2 is a good investment economically. The Mazda also comes is a range of colors from the sporty ‘brilliant black’ to the bright ‘spirited green metallic.’ Oh, and then there is the special edition Mazda 2 Tamura Special Edition to choose from which is even sportier with its sports bumper, grille and side skirts.

It is not surprising that the demand for the Mazda 2 has been so high considering its impressive environmental credentials combined with its stylish looks. With motorists becoming more aware of environmental issues when choosing a car the Mazda2 is a great contender and compared with other ‘environmentally friendly’ cars on the market the Mazda 2 wins on looks hands down. So, instead of always dreaming of the most expensive car in the world instead why not get behind the affordable best car in the world today?

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